QC Terme in Bormio – an Oasis of Relaxation and Wellbeing

QC Terme in Bormio – an Oasis of Relaxation and Wellbeing

I’ve never been a fan of spa and wellness resorts because I’ve always considered them something rather extravagant and expensive, but after my experience of almost a year ago, I must admit that pampering yourself in such a resort can be extremely enjoyable. It happened to be in a QC Terme resort in Bormio, north of Italy, right on the 1st of January 2019.

I thought of sharing more information with you about this, in case you might think of trying this for your next trip to Italy (especially in winter).


QC Terme spas and resorts are the most important player in Italy (and not only) regarding thermal and wellness sectors. There are thermal baths, wellness centres and charming hotels in Bormio, Pré Saint Didier, Milan, Turin, Monte Bianco, Rome, San Pellegrino Terme, Dolomites and Chamonix.

Bormio lies in the north of Italy, near the border with Switzerland, about 200 km away from Milan. The QC Terme is divided into 2 centres: Bagni Nuovi (New Baths) and Bagni Vecchi (Old Baths), located actually in Valdidentro, very close to Bormio. There is a distance of about 2 km between the 2 spa resorts.

Since it was New Year and the Bagni Vecchi Hotel (4*) price was too high for us, we chose accommodation in another small town nearby and only chose to spend a few hours at Bagni Vecchi. Although both resorts offer a wide variety of spa and wellness facilities and remind us of the Ancient Roman baths, Bagni Vecchi resort is more charming particularly due to the panoramic pool overlooking the Valley of Bormio and the design of the indoor baths that make you feel as if you went back in time.

Spa facilities

Probably the most wanted outdoor “attraction” is the panoramic (infinity) pool, a wonderful place indeed, but overcrowded that day, so it was impossible to take a good photo.

Other outdoor spa facilities are represented by the Baths of the Archduchess, among which there is a huge wooden barrel to which the thermal water arrives right from the spring in the mountain. The view from there is stunning – you can see the snowy peaks of the Alps.

The indoor baths are the Roman baths, the Medieval baths, the Imperial baths and the Sweating grotto, whose tunnels penetrating a rock lead to one of the nine thermal water springs that make Bormio a spa paradise. Since it would have been quite uncomfortable moving around with the mobile phone, I left it in the safe box, so I couldn’t take any photos inside, but you can have a glimpse by checking Bagni Vecchi official website.


Prices start from 48 €/person for a daily pass on weekdays and from 54 €/person in the weekend or public holidays. For lunch, massages or other treatments there are additional charges. For more details about prices and opening times, you can check their website above.


All in all, enjoying The Old Baths (Bagni Vecchi) resort in Bormio even just for a few hours was an unforgettable experience and what makes it so memorable is the fact that we went there in winter. The outdoor temperature was 4° C and we could admire the mountains covered in snow while relaxing in thermal water and benefiting from its properties. I highly recommend doing this once in a while.

To which other spa resorts have you been?

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